「本人はどっち? その1」のセリフ部分の英訳です。
「どう思う? Takumaは俺がShimanamiさんに化けているって分かるかな?」
What do you think? Does Takuma understand that I disguise myself as Shimanami?"

"I am sad when I do not understand it"

"Well.I think that he can distinguish the important girlfriend of close friend and him"

"Yes … .The position of the face was correct, too.I look good"


「う〜ん! 身体にフィットして良い感じです。背中も綺麗に閉じました」
It is the feeling that fits a body, and is good.I closed the back neatly"

"[work club] where we belonged to developed this skin suit.When the skin suit was well-done, a teacher praised it"

"However, I am slightly ashamed that I disguise myself as a woman.The three sizes are identical, too. I am provided until her memory when I wear this skin suit"

"I can sleep am Sugita.Please see only necessary memory.Even I am ashamed.I promised first"

"I understand it.Takuma comes here soon.If two of them appears in front, he will be surprised!"

"I want to check whether Takuma really loves me.There is the matter that I talked about some time ago and.I part from him if he chooses Sugita by mistake!"

―― Surely it is not said that only Takuma is fickle.Because I want to confirm the performance of this skin suit in various ways, I cooperate with Shimanami ――

Though "I said that I met at a school gate and would return, I was called suddenly by the warehouse of the gymnasium"

"It is Yukie whether there was anything.Call it to such a place!"


"I waited for Takuma!"

"I'm sorry and calls it in such a place"

「何故ですか! Yukieが2人いる…」
"Why is it? There is Yukie two … "

"I am ShimanamiYukie.I understand it!"

"It is wrong.I am ShimanamiYukie.You know it because I am her of Takuma!"

"Please wait a minute.Two people are both appearance and talking one-identical.Why are there two people?"

"Do you want you to tell me why there are two of us?"

"Then let's tell you!"

"Either us is Sugita of the friend of Takuma.Sugita disguises himself/herself exactly like me in the skin suit which [work club] made"

"You go out with me and are already a half year.You can tell the difference between her and the boyfriend"

「杉田があなたに化けている? ItsukiがYukieに変身しているのですか? 彼は面白いアイテムを作ったって言っていましたが。まさか…」
"Does Sugita disguise himself/herself as you? Does Itsuki transform itself into Yukie? I said that he made an interesting item, but.Possibly … "

"Yes, Takuma.I wore the suit.Entirely!"

「すごいでしょ! 身体も声もすべて彼女と同じになるんだ!」
"Great! All the voices agree with the body with her, too!"

「Itsukiやめなさい。あなたはどうしてその様な事するのですか? あなたは、Yukieが私の彼女だと知っていて、なぜそんな事してるのか?」
"Leave Itsuki.Why do you do such a thing? You know that Yukie is my girlfriend, and why do you do such a thing?"

"Please do not misunderstand it.It is me to have asked Sugita.I had him cooperate"

"To check how long Takuma loves me!"

「Yukieが? でもどうして…」
"Yukie? But why is it? … "

"I saw it last time.I saw Shizumoto of the Class C and Takuma which I walked while talking happily"

"I was pleased with Takuma very much"

"I lost a feeling of Takuma.I disliked Takuma"

「あなたはShizumotoが好きですか? それなら私はTakumaと別れて他の人と付き合います」
"Do you like Shizumoto? Then I part from Takuma and go out with other people"

「待ってくれよ! 俺は別にShizumotoの事は好きじゃない! 彼女とはYukieの話をしていただけです」
"Wait! I do not like Shizumoto particularly! Yukie only talked with her"

"I do not know it.I want to know a feeling of true Takuma"

「私をどれくらい愛してくれているのか―。私の容姿が好きなの? それとも私自身が好きなの?」
"One or - which loves me how long.Do you like my figure? Or myself liking it"

"Do you tell me to choose which is genuine Yukie in it? But by all odds it looks just like it, and it is difficult to choose you"

"Of course you may ask you a question.We answer a question of Takuma.So that a partner does not hear it"

"I understood me a lot in this a half year.Though I answer all for a question, I tell Takuma to Sugita with me.Sugita knows the rough thing.I really part from Takuma if it is not me and chooses Sugita!"

「なんだ。それなら簡単だ! 何を質問してもいいんだろ! Itsukiは、私達について知らない事が沢山あります!」
"What is it? Then it is easy! You may ask about what! Itsuki has a lot of not knowing us!"

"Then let's begin it!"

"What do you ask about?"

"At first … The place that dated first"

"It is too easy"

"Terano Park"

"It is Terano Park"

"The next"

"Then in more boldness … .The size of your chest and waist and buttocks"

"Do you hear it? … "

"86 … 58 … 87 … "

"86 … 58 … 87 … "

「そんな事までItsukiに言ってるのか? じゃあセックスを初めてした場所は?」
"Do you say to Itsuki to such a thing? Then the place that did sexual intercourse for the first time"

「Takumaのエッチ! 校舎の屋上よ…」
"H of Takuma! The roof of the school building … "

"I had sex with me how many times so far"

" Already … .Four times … "

"Then Yukie did a fellatio"


「しました! 変な事聞かないで」
"I did it! Do not hear a strange thing"

"Such a thing … .I want to never answer in front of Sugita!"

"Mmm … "

"This is genuine Yukie"


"You thought so why"

"Yukie surely did a fellatio.I asked many times and did only once.But I thought that I did not say because she was shy very much"

"It is so"

"Yes … .Ashamed … .To do something like that from oneself … .It is the question that I want to least answer"

「そうですか。答えすぎるというのも良くありませんでした。それでは私の役目は終わりですね! もっと騙せると思ってたんだけど案外簡単に発見されました」
"Is it so? It was not good to answer too much.Then my duty is over! Though I thought that I could deceive you more, I was easily discovered unexpectedly"

「…うん! 杉田君ありがとう」
… Yes! Thank you, Sugita"

"But … .Is it really Itsuki?"